09 Oktober 2013


Salam u olls....

I'm sorry for being lazy... Hehe....

Again, update... I hate this word.... I know maybe some of you hate it too.... Kiter geng! Haha!

Currently I'm a home. Reading all the posts that I had put here. Trying to make up my mind either to put my picture on rather than this cartoon thingy... Hehu....

Well, after this post I'll put mine on. Pronto!


So many things happen nowadays.

1. Just finished PMR right? I replaced my friend as 'Pengawas PMR' because she had been transferred to Kuching. Lucky her. Now she is near her husband and in two months time they will have their first baby. I miss you so much dear. Dah bersalin nanti insyaAllah I'll visit her if God permits.

2. Buying too many tickets in one go. Wu.... For Aidiladha, I accidentally bought two tickets. One from MAS and one from AA. How did I do it? You don't wanna know..... hu~ So, my friend advised me to put the MAS as an open ticket. I'll do it tomorrow. I hope I can make it because I have extra class with 4A.

3. Loving my new car so much. I try to take care of it but somehow it always become dirty. There was once I tried to wash it myself. Even though satisfied, I spend more than 2 hours on it! Fully exhausted but felt accomplished.

4. My friends and I talk about things we want to do during the end year holiday. I know I don't have many skills. I'm thinking of learning how to make Baju Kurung this holiday but I know that maybe I won't do it... Haha.... Can you teach me?

5. My students said that I look prettier now. I jokingly answered that I'm a witch. Hahaha... The older I get, the prettier I'll be. Hahaha.. Dah tahap merepek la pulak. They just laugh at me. But I like it. :P

6. In one month time, there will be MAPC. Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar kali ke-3. I'm just an 'AJK Buku Program' <- and="" but="" co-curricular="" english.="" focus="" had="" i="" in="" it="" lazy="" marks.="" more="" my="" need="" on="" p="" pbs="" s="" settled="" student="" to="" too="" translate="" work="">
7. Right now at FB, my older brother played tricks at me.... Hahaha! Super hilarious!! Miss you bro!

P/s: Tengah bengang terkena perangai abang. Tapi lawak giler.... Hahahaha! Only those who have my FB knows.... :P

So, I see you soon~~

BTW, I have new laptop u c... That's why I felt like typing here... Jahatnye niat! Hehu~~


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