24 Oktober 2013

At home

Salam u olls...

I'm feeling a bit better but worse things are yet to come.

My father will have his surgery this coming Monday 28 Oct.

I'll be flying home this Monday 28 Oct.

My younger brother will start doing his practical this Monday 28 Oct.

I know my mum will be stressed out this Monday 28 Oct.

Because we won't be beside her and our father.

My father really wanted me to be there but I can't because my leave are already finished by that time.

It sucks!

I think I'll be crying in the flight. 

When I came home, I am glad that my father was looking better. Better than what my lil bro had told me.

My mum warn me that my father was a bit sensitive right now because she won't allow my father to smoke at all.

My mum lost so much weight in so little time because she's worried for my father.

Right now is the 5th day my father quit smoking (I don't know until when). But, I'm proud of him. Its like a giant leap to be able to quit smoking just like that. I know he's still in shock knowing about his illness but I know he's also thankful for knowing it earlier. He never had any chest pain before.

Alhamdulillah. Thank God.

Can you pray for my father this coming Monday. I won't be there beside him but I hope our prayer are heard.

I hope I won't cry.

P/s: Can you pray with me? Thank you. Only God will repay all your kindness...
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