30 Oktober 2012

Trippin' y'all~~

Salam u olls~~~

Have you embarrassed yourself in front of other people? In front of strangers??


Today I have.... and its really embarrassing plus hurts plus weird~~~

Hehe.. Y??

Its embarrassing cos' it happened at Bintulu airport. After the arrival, we had to climb up a few stairs and at the last stair I trip! I TRIP!

It really hurts me a lot cos' I try to stop my fall with my right hand where I had the shoulder injury....
I try not to scream because I don't want others to be startled... Then I hurried walking up the stairs as if its nothing... Huhu~~

It felt weird because seconds before I trip, I actually said to myself better not to trip on this stairs and bam! I trip...  Mulut masin ke??? (In Malay, mulut masin literally means salty mouth but the actual meaning was someone who after his/her talk about something, it will really happen!)

Hu~~~ So I'm trippin' y'all~~~ Hehehe

P/s: R u trippin'? Hehe~


Salam u olls~~~

Finally I'm back in Bintulu~~ Land of oils~~~~ Huhuhu

Start working again this coming Thursday so I hope I am well enough for it...

So many things to do but so little time.

I hope I can do well~~~ Lalalala~~~ ( a little bit 'weng'~~)

I've stated earlier that I want to change my blog's layout but... I can't come out with a beautiful color other than purple so... I'm stick with this layout for the time being... Hehu~

Today while walking into the LCCT airport, I buy myself an ice-cream~~~ Oreo Mcflurry that is... So yummy~~~

While walking around eating the ice-cream, there was one person trying to sell me a book.... Then I remembered something.... My mum said, not to talk to strangers.... Huhuu... So I just wave him away....

Then while I'm still walking around eating ice-cream, the same person came near me and try to sell the book again and I wave him away....

Is it because I'm alone, that's why he's trying his luck with me?? I don't have the answer. He does rite??

P/s: I miss my lil bro~~~~

29 Oktober 2012


Salam u olls~~~

Its kind of unfair for me if I don't mention about Big Bang~~~

Not the Big Bang Theory....

But the Korean singers where their group name's are Big Bang!

They had concert here last Saturday... I'm sorry I don't go to their concert coz... you see.... I am not in a good condition.... Wa~~~~~~~

I hope they come to Malaysia again after this and I promise myself that I'll go... If God permits.....


My fave among them?? Of coz G-Dragon~~~ The leader~~~ Don't ask me why coz I won't tell... Hehu~~~~


P/s: I am one of your V.I.Ps~~~~

28 Oktober 2012


Salam u olls....

I think I want to change the face of this blogs...

New days so new hopes so new face blogs~~~ (did I just type it right???)

P/s: Colours~~~ From purple to???

Going Back!

Salam u olls...

Well, as the title mentions above, I am going back to Bintulu tomorrow~~~ Yey~

Miss my students and colleague so much!

Even though  I will only be working for 9 days and then the school holidays are coming BUT
I have a lot of works to be settled before I can really have a peace of mind~~~~ hehu....

I really hope I can settle everything before I go back to KL. Please pray for me....

P/s: Waiting 4 2morrow~~~~~~


Salam u olls~~~ n_n

I'm getting better and better each day.... Alhamdulillah...

Spent all this time recovering and watching a lot of youtube vids...


Well, there's this one particular video in youtube that really get me thinking..

The title of the video is : Prisoners save officers life (MOST DARING)

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_o_5v92_zE&feature=related

I won't tell you what actually happens in the vid, you really have to watch it yourself...

What makes me think is WHY did the prisoners help the police?

For me, I think its maybe because on how the police carry himself in front of the prisoners. Maybe he treated them with RESPECT, that is why they help him.

It really teach me something on how we treat others. If we want others to respect  us, we must do the same. We can't force others to respect us. We must EARNED it... (well, I think I heard these line from somewhere, but I forgot from whom)...

P/s: Craving for some ice-cream~~~

12 Oktober 2012


Salam u ollss....

A bit better nowadays....

For those who don't know, I got into an accident on 30 September 2012.

I got a concussion and shoulders injuries.

For me this is only a small injury compared to my other passengers.

Passenger 1: Blood clot on the head
Passenger 2: Broken both legs
Passenger 3:Hurt the neck, waist and one broken leg
Passenger 4:Inner body injuries (when accident happen, this person are thrown out of the car. )

I am still at home. Trying to recover. Trying to hold up my hand....

My head are still swollen from the concussion. When I try to feel my head, my hair falls... not one or two strings... but more than 10 each time. Sometimes I feel a little bit panic... because of my fallen hair.... But maybe its because of the injury on my head, that is why my hair falls.

I am becoming a little phobic when I am in a car. I am always thinking that someone will crash onto the car I'm in...

Sometimes, I will think about the accident.

About what I felt during that time. About how I can go unconscious a couple of time during the accident. About how we can prevent it. About how guilty I felt that day. About how I felt when my passenger crying out pain and I can't help them..... About how lucky all of us are to make it alive....So many things...

What I remembered most are after I regained conscious for the first time. I felt so peaceful but at the same time trying to remember why I am in the car and why the dashboard is near my chest. I heard my passengers are breathing heavily and one of them are saying that she's feeling very painful. I try to soothe her by saying that help will come. Then, I tried to push the dashboard away when I felt my shoulders hurt so much that I became unconscious again.

Alhamdulillah... Thank god that everyone are safe and sound.
Alhamdulillah for all the help that other gave to us... 
Alhamdulillah for giving me a caring father and mother.

My father flew to Bintulu when he heard about the accident. When I was discharge from the hospital, he took care of me... took care of my every needs. I knew he was very tired with his work and then having to take care of me... without any complaint. I can't ask for a better father.

When we flew back to KL, my mum took care of me. Make me a Nescafe that I love. (She never make it for me ever since I am in secondary school...) Reminded me when I forgot to eat my medicine... Everything... I can't ask for a better mother...

I can't even ask for a better lil' bro... He would do anything that I ask him to. He said that before this he got into accident and now its his turn to help me. I feel very blessed.

Alhamdulillah. Thank god for giving me a blessed family.

P/s: Always worrying about all the passengers. Please pray with me for their health. Hoping that they will get well soon. Guilty feelings never left me.

03 Oktober 2012

I Got Into An Accident

No mood to type "u olls"....
I got into an accident. Cant move my hand a lot.
A pict can give u thousand meanings rite.
This is the car that I drive.
Please pray with me.... for the health of all the passangers.
I feel very guilty even if it not my fault.