24 Oktober 2013

At home

Salam u olls...

I'm feeling a bit better but worse things are yet to come.

My father will have his surgery this coming Monday 28 Oct.

I'll be flying home this Monday 28 Oct.

My younger brother will start doing his practical this Monday 28 Oct.

I know my mum will be stressed out this Monday 28 Oct.

Because we won't be beside her and our father.

My father really wanted me to be there but I can't because my leave are already finished by that time.

It sucks!

I think I'll be crying in the flight. 

When I came home, I am glad that my father was looking better. Better than what my lil bro had told me.

My mum warn me that my father was a bit sensitive right now because she won't allow my father to smoke at all.

My mum lost so much weight in so little time because she's worried for my father.

Right now is the 5th day my father quit smoking (I don't know until when). But, I'm proud of him. Its like a giant leap to be able to quit smoking just like that. I know he's still in shock knowing about his illness but I know he's also thankful for knowing it earlier. He never had any chest pain before.

Alhamdulillah. Thank God.

Can you pray for my father this coming Monday. I won't be there beside him but I hope our prayer are heard.

I hope I won't cry.

P/s: Can you pray with me? Thank you. Only God will repay all your kindness...

22 Oktober 2013

Crying Week

Salam u olls~~~


I'm sad right now. Sad things happen in so little time.

It's because of my dear father.

My father had his medical check up done and doc found out that he had irregular heartbeat.

So, my father made an appointment with the doc in HUKM. He have to go through an angiogram (was the spelling correct???) test.

I hate the result.

One of his artery is fully clogged and another one is 50% clogged.

When I know the result I felt very sad. Mix of emotions.

I'm glad that we found out early.
I'm sad because I'm miles away from him.
I'm afraid because it means he need an operation.
I'm miserable thinking bout food that he needs to avoid.
I'm hopeful that maybe this is a wakeup call for my father to stop smoking.

I won't lie. I cry.

I'm a spoil daughter. I won't deny it.

Pity my dear mother. I know she felt sad and afraid when the result came in. She had to make her friend drove her to the hospital. During that time she was at home with my youngest brother while my father at the hospital with my younger brother.

Right now I'm writing in my bedroom. One hour after this I'll be flying home to my family. My boss said to me, go back and give him my morale support. I know I will.

 P/s: Will you pray with me? Pray that my father will be healthy again. I'm still sad.

17 Oktober 2013

My distance cousin gittew~~~

Salam u olls...

Just want to share with you...

My friend whom I've known for 7 years with her wacky and funny attitude was actually my distant cousin???!!!

It took me 7 years to figure it out. Hehu~~

I'm happy actually.

And double happiness.... She just gave birth to a baby gurl today. So cute!

I ask her what does it felt like to gave birth because this is her first child.

Her answer makes me scared....

She said,

Its as if you were being run over a train over and over again but didn't die.....


P/s: Scared.....

13 Oktober 2013

Are You From America?

Salam u olls~~~

I'm a bit confused. I look at my blog statistic and found that I have readers from America. Is it accurate? I meant the blog statistics. If it real then....

Nice To Meet You ^_^

P/s: I'm flattered.... Anyway, do any of you know Park Yerin???

Selamat Hari Raya in advance~~~~

Salam u olls~~~

Just want to wish in advance~~ Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!!

P/s: Wishing you now because later on we will go back to our village in Negeri Sembilan. The line is terrible there~~~

Nescafe... Mocha... Teh o Ais....

Salam u olls~~~

Craving for some caffeine right now. Luckily my bro wanted to go out to buy his top-up so I asked hi to buy me one lorh....

I asked him to buy me a nescafe~~~

After a while, I asked my younger brother to make me iced tea... I'm becoming forgetful.... Hu~~ I forgot about the Nescafe~~~ Luckily my lil bro remember and reminded me bout it.

Now, I'm waiting desperately (wow) for my bro to come back with the Nescafe~~~

Berapa banyak lah nak mention pasal Nescafe ni.... Huhuuhu

P/s: I'm still waiting~~

12 Oktober 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Salam u olls~~~

I'm already at home to celebrate Aidiladha with my family~~~ Yey!

First thing first, bukan nak promote ye... Just sharing today's story.

Yesterday, my family and I went to a Western Restaurant.... My father treat us dinner... I love my chicken chop with black pepper sauce! Yummy~

Then we went for a walk and my mum decide to buy my father a case for his hp. I told her not to because I had saved up my money to buy him a surprise gift. I told her not to told my father but the next day, he already knows! wA~~~ kantOi sudah ^_^

So today we went to a mall together with mia bros to buy my father belated birthday present.

I told him to choose a hand phone. And yep, he chose Samsung Galaxy Grand.

He did not really show it but I know he is really happy! My mother said so. I'm also happy for him. He had done many things for us but never expect anything from us. So, this is one of my way to show I love him. <3 p="">
Well, my younger brother had taken advantage of me. He also wanted a new hp and walla! He got one for himself. He's so slick! Bak kata mak, pandai sangat silat kuntau... Pandai take advantage.  Hahahaha! He got himself a Sony Xperia J....

Now, everybody in my family used Samsung phone... Except my mother and my bro. Xpe, if God permit, I'll buy one for my mum next time. InshaAllah :)

P/s: I'll take a photo of all the phone we used and post it here <= macam takde keje kan? Lalalala~~

09 Oktober 2013


Salam u olls....

I'm sorry for being lazy... Hehe....

Again, update... I hate this word.... I know maybe some of you hate it too.... Kiter geng! Haha!

Currently I'm a home. Reading all the posts that I had put here. Trying to make up my mind either to put my picture on rather than this cartoon thingy... Hehu....

Well, after this post I'll put mine on. Pronto!


So many things happen nowadays.

1. Just finished PMR right? I replaced my friend as 'Pengawas PMR' because she had been transferred to Kuching. Lucky her. Now she is near her husband and in two months time they will have their first baby. I miss you so much dear. Dah bersalin nanti insyaAllah I'll visit her if God permits.

2. Buying too many tickets in one go. Wu.... For Aidiladha, I accidentally bought two tickets. One from MAS and one from AA. How did I do it? You don't wanna know..... hu~ So, my friend advised me to put the MAS as an open ticket. I'll do it tomorrow. I hope I can make it because I have extra class with 4A.

3. Loving my new car so much. I try to take care of it but somehow it always become dirty. There was once I tried to wash it myself. Even though satisfied, I spend more than 2 hours on it! Fully exhausted but felt accomplished.

4. My friends and I talk about things we want to do during the end year holiday. I know I don't have many skills. I'm thinking of learning how to make Baju Kurung this holiday but I know that maybe I won't do it... Haha.... Can you teach me?

5. My students said that I look prettier now. I jokingly answered that I'm a witch. Hahaha... The older I get, the prettier I'll be. Hahaha.. Dah tahap merepek la pulak. They just laugh at me. But I like it. :P

6. In one month time, there will be MAPC. Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar kali ke-3. I'm just an 'AJK Buku Program' <- and="" but="" co-curricular="" english.="" focus="" had="" i="" in="" it="" lazy="" marks.="" more="" my="" need="" on="" p="" pbs="" s="" settled="" student="" to="" too="" translate="" work="">
7. Right now at FB, my older brother played tricks at me.... Hahaha! Super hilarious!! Miss you bro!

P/s: Tengah bengang terkena perangai abang. Tapi lawak giler.... Hahahaha! Only those who have my FB knows.... :P

So, I see you soon~~

BTW, I have new laptop u c... That's why I felt like typing here... Jahatnye niat! Hehu~~