12 Oktober 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Salam u olls~~~

I'm already at home to celebrate Aidiladha with my family~~~ Yey!

First thing first, bukan nak promote ye... Just sharing today's story.

Yesterday, my family and I went to a Western Restaurant.... My father treat us dinner... I love my chicken chop with black pepper sauce! Yummy~

Then we went for a walk and my mum decide to buy my father a case for his hp. I told her not to because I had saved up my money to buy him a surprise gift. I told her not to told my father but the next day, he already knows! wA~~~ kantOi sudah ^_^

So today we went to a mall together with mia bros to buy my father belated birthday present.

I told him to choose a hand phone. And yep, he chose Samsung Galaxy Grand.

He did not really show it but I know he is really happy! My mother said so. I'm also happy for him. He had done many things for us but never expect anything from us. So, this is one of my way to show I love him. <3 p="">
Well, my younger brother had taken advantage of me. He also wanted a new hp and walla! He got one for himself. He's so slick! Bak kata mak, pandai sangat silat kuntau... Pandai take advantage.  Hahahaha! He got himself a Sony Xperia J....

Now, everybody in my family used Samsung phone... Except my mother and my bro. Xpe, if God permit, I'll buy one for my mum next time. InshaAllah :)

P/s: I'll take a photo of all the phone we used and post it here <= macam takde keje kan? Lalalala~~

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