09 Ogos 2014

August 2014


This is the first posting for 2014 and I'm quite ashamed because I left it idle for so long. Huhuuhuhu... No hard feelings???

on sorry best sorry sms i m not supposed to

I always said so many things happened when its been so long but for now I don't think that much had happened to me.

My father? He's getting better and had quit smoking for good. He's much healthier now.


I'm on a diet. Its the Atkin's Diet. I had follow it for 5 days now and I already lost 4 kilogram.  In paun??? 8 lbs... quite a lot right. I'm shocked too.

Before this on 2010 I've also done the Atkin's Diet but I only lost 10 kg for 3 months....  Then, because my mother thought I'm doing an extreme diet, she forced me to eat rice. Since then, I can't get away from carbohydrate.... Haha...

Now, is the 2nd round and I hope I can stick to it. InsyaaAllah.......

Why I went on a diet?


I want to wear clothes that makes me look good but I don't feel good when I have too many fats on me. Right? XD


Its 1.17 a.m. here and I'm so sleepy I could sleep in an instant.

Hope to write again soon.

Salam u oollllssssss

P/s: Need to shed 20 kg???????? OMG!