19 April 2018

Sakit Apendik / Appendicitis

Salam u olls....

Its been too long since I updated this blog.

Well.... I can now because I'm on my sick leave...  hahaha.... Hmmm...

Yes you guess it right. I was diagnosed with appendicitis or if in my language sakit apendiks.

How it started? Its kind of a bit different than what I read from the internet and Youtube.

How it started?

30 March - 1 April (Friday-Sun)

I was having fever and splitting headache. I always had fever but it only last a night so this is quite disturbing for me to have fever this long.

On Sunday night, I suddenly had an enormous stomach ache. For those who had experienced someone punching them straight  on their stomach, it felt like that. I was shocked and panicked a bit.

I made my mind that tomorrow (Monday) I will not go to work. I need to check this up.

2 April ( Monday)

I went to a private clinic and she said I had mild fever. If I'm not mistaken it was 37.4͒ C.
Then I explain that I had massive stomach ache last night and you know what the Dr. said? You need to loose weight 😒. I already on a diet and loose 12 kg so I was flabbergasted. Is the Dr. for real??? But she's the expert so I accept it with an open mind.

Pay for my med and took my MC.

3 April (Tuesday)

I went to work. The splitting headache still won't go away. Even my students ask me to rest. They seem a bit worried. Thanks guys 💓

I made my mind to go to a government clinic or do you call it general clinic??? Hahaha....

So, that evening I went to one and they took my blood for test and the result......

There was bacteria infection in my blood. I ask the Dr. how did I got it and she said that it maybe due to my fever. So Dr. gave me antibiotic. She said to take it and if after 5 days and I'm still having this trouble, I need to go to her again. Okay Doc. Tqvm... Huhu... And I got MC for Wednesday.

4 April - 8 April (Wed-Sun)

I took my med on time but something else was bothering me. My fever went away but why does my right waist and my hip starting to ache????

It became worst during night time. I had to ask my both my brother to massage my right leg because I felt tired withholding the pain. They seem worried. Me tooo.....

I also noticed I was sweating so much after I woke up from sleeping. I started to question myself. Is this appendicitis???

I got worried so I decided to go to a clinic on Monday but then I forgot 😑

Then I had meeting on Tuesday 😑...

On Wednesday I can't take it anymore. The pain on my right side started throbbing even though it was daytime. So I went to a clinic (againnnnn)

11 April (Wed)

I went to the government clinic but a different one. As usual they took blood sample together with urine sample for testing. They suspected that I got appendicitis. So, they wrote a letter and ask me to go to General Hospital immediately. Wuuu....

So, I went back home and pack my necessities because I had a hunch that I will be warded that day...

I went to GH with my father and my lil' bro. It took a long time and when they were satisfied with my symptoms and test results (yessssss..... another blood test. Oww.... it hurts) I was warded.

They ask me to start fasting from 12.00 a.m. midnight because they wanted to do an ultrasound to check my appendicitis.

12 April (Thurs)

After more than 14 hours of fasting, I went for an ultrasound. Then I went back to my ward. They don't tell me anything. Either I could break my fast or not so I continued fasting.
After taking my blood again (it was so painful) they said that I still need to fast. I thought that maybe I'll went under operation after this so I oblige.

13 April (Friday ) 1.30 a.m. (Early morning)

A few Drs went and visit me. One of them said that I can break my fast now but need to start fasting again at 4.00 a.m.

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahha.... (in my mind)

I felt like I went nutsss but only in my head because I felt so tired. I don't feel hungry at all because I already lost my appetite. But damn, I'm so thirsty. They only gave the water drip once in the morning so I'm so damn thirsty.

My mum was taking care of me during that time so she quickly call my father and ask to buy food from Mamak Restaurant. Luckily they are open 24/7. Hmmm... Alhamdulillah.

After filling in, I went back fasting. Hahahaha.... I'm insane.

After countless of practical Dr that interview and even examine me (I'm so tired that I don't bother to get angry at all), at 6.00 p.m. my mum ask me a question. She ask me about my insurance. I totally forgot that I have my medical card. I was so in pain that I forgot so I said I have one. She said that if I still don't go under, she will take me out and went to a private hospital. I just agreed.

After 5 minutes, 2  Drs came and see us. My mum and I thought that I will operate today but....... they came only to tell me to break my fast.

My mum was furious.😥

I am too tired to think properly so my mum ask my father to take care of my leaving procedure. They were already determined to take me out that evening.

So after everything had been taking care of, I walk with my mum and dad out of the ward.

But unlucky me, I black out inside the lift.

My father had to take a wheelchair to take me to the car. I was too tired with no energy left. It was around 8.00 p.m. that time and I still haven't brake my fast because the Doc told me that maybe I'll be operated soon when I arrive at the private hospital. From 4.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m.... You can count how many hours I fast. Hahaha... I'm amazed that I could last that long.

To be continued....

Hahaha...  its 3.16 a.m. now.... I should rest a bit. My stomach still not healing well. See you tomorrow 😚😚😚

02 Mac 2017


Salam u ollss.....

I'm sad...

14 February
My grandfather passed away. From my father's side. Luckily the boss allowed me to take my leave. I was worried about my father because of his heart conditions.

Surprisingly, I was able to go back home and see grandfather for one last time. There was one time, from far I look at my father. His eyes were red while looking at his father lying waiting to be buried. He tried to hold his tears by playing around his watch but then I saw him wipe his eyes. He cried. I cried from far.  I don't want to loose him and I knew that was what he felt that day. Times by multiple other. I will never forget that scene... ever...

Well, after that everything went on smoothly. His ex-students help with the burial process. They don't want to take any money. It made me think.
Sometimes, we never realised the full extent of impact we have with our students... I'm grateful to have the opportunity to witness it on behalf of my grandfather.

I miss you atuk.

Every raya, I will search for you first when we came back home but this raya...

There's rain on my cheek...

24 February (Friday)

It was raining that time.
Me and my housemate went to buy some cloth for our classroom when I saw my ex-students. They are working in one of the shop there. They are still waiting for their SPM results.

They seem delighted to see us. Me too. I was a class teacher for one of them. Tracy. She seems too pale. I remembered when she pass out at school so I knew she was sick. And that time, she seems too pale and skinny than last year. She smiled at us and she hugged me. Saying she missed me. I miss her too. But I sensed that she seems weak because she could not really grab me. As if withholding some pain. She asked me if I'm well and I said I am. Then we part ways.

After buying some cloth, we saw them again and she hugged me again. I don't really mind it. Maybe because she missed me. Then we said our goodbyes. But, I felt uneasy...

27 February (Monday)

I got a message from the other warden saying that one of the ex-students passed away and it was Tracy. I can't believe my eyes. I thought that they were pulling my legs but then again, we never joke about something like this.

I cried because I can't believe it.

That day, it was raining too...

16 September 2016

Teacher and limitation

Salam u olsss~~~~

Well today I want to talk about limitation.

Merriam-webster website quote that limitation is  : 

"something (such as a lack of ability or strength) that controls what a person is able to do"

I know teachers have their own limit on certain things. Everyone has one. I realize that I can only help the students when they are still in school. When they finished, I can only give them advice. 

I was going out with my ex-students which are on their holiday (they are in University now. I'm really OLD!!!! But... I'm not that old. T.T) when I had the opportunity to ask one of them about something that had been bugging me. He was suppose to enroll in a University but he didn't go. I found out from the FB that he need to take care of his siblings. 

I ask whether he want to further his study and he said that of course. He really want it badly but his hands were tied. He need to take care of his young sisters. I ask him why because he already went through the STPM and had good results. He said that his mother had bleeding in her brain because of the high blood pressure and had just undergone the operation. She was not able to move freely and even his father plead for him to not go. He felt restless and I am speechless. 

I know his background. He's not from a rich family. His father is the only breadwinner. He struggle to study because he knows that knowledge can change their future. T.T

I never been in his situation but I know that there will always be blessing in disguise. 

The Prophet Muhammad SalAllahu alayhi wasallam said: “The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves a people He tests them. Whoever accepts that wins His pleasure but whoever is discontent with that earns His wrath.”Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (2396) and Ibn Maajah (4031); classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

So, I advice him to think on the bright side. He can still further his study but not at the same time as his friend. He got the offer from Peninsular but maybe after this, he will get the nearest IPTA. Close to home. Who knows. Only ALLAH.

After that, his face seems to clear a bit.

He is a good person. 

I'm not able to help him.

I can only pray.


P/s: Maybe I'm too sensitive but this kind of hurdle makes me heartbroken.

04 Disember 2015

A...... Wolf!

Salam u olls.......

Today I had my ups and down moment.

The down part was that I don't get my transfer to N9. I will still be teaching in Bintulu for next year. Maybe its still not my time just yet. Maybe God have something better for me.

Insyaa Allah.

I must admit that I'm a bit sad, but I also knew that there were others who need it most. So, I'm wishing all my teaching buddies the best. I hope they will get their transfer too.

Well, my up part was today was the first day of Big Bad Wolf Book Festival in MIECC , Mines. I bought a lot of books to cool down my moody self and at the same time to satisfy my nerdy side (or was it bookworm side.... haha) with lots of books. I mean... a LOT.

I went there with both my little brothers and my cousin. Even during workday, there were lots of people. I can't imagine what it would might be on weekend. Luckily, I went on the first day. The event will continue until 14 December so those who are nearby, hurry.... hurry!

P/s: I don't get anything for advertising this. I just want everyone who enjoy reading to come and spent less money for things they love. XD