04 Disember 2015

A...... Wolf!

Salam u olls.......

Today I had my ups and down moment.

The down part was that I don't get my transfer to N9. I will still be teaching in Bintulu for next year. Maybe its still not my time just yet. Maybe God have something better for me.

Insyaa Allah.

I must admit that I'm a bit sad, but I also knew that there were others who need it most. So, I'm wishing all my teaching buddies the best. I hope they will get their transfer too.

Well, my up part was today was the first day of Big Bad Wolf Book Festival in MIECC , Mines. I bought a lot of books to cool down my moody self and at the same time to satisfy my nerdy side (or was it bookworm side.... haha) with lots of books. I mean... a LOT.

I went there with both my little brothers and my cousin. Even during workday, there were lots of people. I can't imagine what it would might be on weekend. Luckily, I went on the first day. The event will continue until 14 December so those who are nearby, hurry.... hurry!

P/s: I don't get anything for advertising this. I just want everyone who enjoy reading to come and spent less money for things they love. XD
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