06 Ogos 2011

I love my Old Wise Man~~~

Dear my Old Wise Man,

Today at 8.00 am  somebody call me. Well, its my Old Wise Man. He's just checking out whether I am okay or not..... Maybe its a little bit hard for him because I'm on the other side of the sea but I understand. He never say he love me but his actions speak louder than words. 

For me, he is my hero. From young until now I still see him as a perfect figure. Sometimes his imperfection is also perfect to me. Doesn't seem to make sense to you right? :b

When I cry, he will sooth me. When my mum is sick and cannot do chores, he will do the chores and make lunch for us.. even dinner! Every weekends he never fail to take us somewhere to wind up or enjoy ourselves. When I had a fever and could not walk at all, he will carry me to the clinic. Hm... I miss the old days. I miss being his little girl. 

My Old Wise Man, I will always love you... Wait for me. I'll come home in 3 weeks... Then we can have fun again~~~~ (homesick)

Love, your daughter.

P/s: My mum is very lucky to have his own wise man. I hope I'll find one too someday. Hehehehe.