22 Oktober 2013

Crying Week

Salam u olls~~~


I'm sad right now. Sad things happen in so little time.

It's because of my dear father.

My father had his medical check up done and doc found out that he had irregular heartbeat.

So, my father made an appointment with the doc in HUKM. He have to go through an angiogram (was the spelling correct???) test.

I hate the result.

One of his artery is fully clogged and another one is 50% clogged.

When I know the result I felt very sad. Mix of emotions.

I'm glad that we found out early.
I'm sad because I'm miles away from him.
I'm afraid because it means he need an operation.
I'm miserable thinking bout food that he needs to avoid.
I'm hopeful that maybe this is a wakeup call for my father to stop smoking.

I won't lie. I cry.

I'm a spoil daughter. I won't deny it.

Pity my dear mother. I know she felt sad and afraid when the result came in. She had to make her friend drove her to the hospital. During that time she was at home with my youngest brother while my father at the hospital with my younger brother.

Right now I'm writing in my bedroom. One hour after this I'll be flying home to my family. My boss said to me, go back and give him my morale support. I know I will.

 P/s: Will you pray with me? Pray that my father will be healthy again. I'm still sad.

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