30 Oktober 2012

Trippin' y'all~~

Salam u olls~~~

Have you embarrassed yourself in front of other people? In front of strangers??


Today I have.... and its really embarrassing plus hurts plus weird~~~

Hehe.. Y??

Its embarrassing cos' it happened at Bintulu airport. After the arrival, we had to climb up a few stairs and at the last stair I trip! I TRIP!

It really hurts me a lot cos' I try to stop my fall with my right hand where I had the shoulder injury....
I try not to scream because I don't want others to be startled... Then I hurried walking up the stairs as if its nothing... Huhu~~

It felt weird because seconds before I trip, I actually said to myself better not to trip on this stairs and bam! I trip...  Mulut masin ke??? (In Malay, mulut masin literally means salty mouth but the actual meaning was someone who after his/her talk about something, it will really happen!)

Hu~~~ So I'm trippin' y'all~~~ Hehehe

P/s: R u trippin'? Hehe~
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