15 November 2012

Another update! Update!

Salam u ollss~~~

How are you?? Fine thank you??? (Macam x pandai BI je kan :P)

So, there was a lot happened to me between my last post and now... I can't really explained all of it but I'll keep it simple~ So enjoy~~~


1. When going back 2 Bintulu, there was tons of things to settle before I can have my peace of mind.... So right now its settled already. Yahoo!

2. My shoulder still hurts but not so much so Alhamdulillah~~

3. I'm at KL now. Back to my home sweet home~

4. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindus friends. Have a happy holiday!

5. Happy Awal Muharam to all my friends! Its a beginning of  a new year. Open a new book. May we be better than before. Amin.

6. I book myself a new car. YES! A NEW Car! YEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! My very first car that is actually mine! What kind of car? A Perodua MYvi SE 1.5~~ Color??? Of coz PURPLE~~~~~

7. I also bought myself a PB. Its a corset actually.... Premium Beautiful corset. I'll explain later on in my next post. :P

8. More than 5 of my friends had invited me to come to their wedding! Oh my~~~ What am I going to do????

That's all for now.... :)

P/s: New year and new wishes! Hm..... Old wishes still not being fulfilled~~~ OMG~~~
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