30 Oktober 2012


Salam u olls~~~

Finally I'm back in Bintulu~~ Land of oils~~~~ Huhuhu

Start working again this coming Thursday so I hope I am well enough for it...

So many things to do but so little time.

I hope I can do well~~~ Lalalala~~~ ( a little bit 'weng'~~)

I've stated earlier that I want to change my blog's layout but... I can't come out with a beautiful color other than purple so... I'm stick with this layout for the time being... Hehu~

Today while walking into the LCCT airport, I buy myself an ice-cream~~~ Oreo Mcflurry that is... So yummy~~~

While walking around eating the ice-cream, there was one person trying to sell me a book.... Then I remembered something.... My mum said, not to talk to strangers.... Huhuu... So I just wave him away....

Then while I'm still walking around eating ice-cream, the same person came near me and try to sell the book again and I wave him away....

Is it because I'm alone, that's why he's trying his luck with me?? I don't have the answer. He does rite??

P/s: I miss my lil bro~~~~

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