10 November 2013

Bitter sweet memories??

Salam u olls~~

Sounds like I'm happy right. I am right now because its school holiday!!! Hehu....

So many things happened and for those who are curious bout my father, he still did not undergo any operation. Supposedly done but the doctors gave us a new date. On 5 December. Hu~~  Luckily I'll be here beside him when the time comes. In Shaa Allah.

Well2.. Other than bout my father, so many other things happened. So we will go one by one won't we? XD

1. Kids Are Attracted To Me???
I had just came out from a bank and went inside my car with my friend when there was a knocking on my door. When I looked out, there was a little girl in a primary school uniform smiling brightly at me. She waved at me while mouthing 'cikgu'. 'Cikgu' means teacher. I'm a bit shocked. How did she knew I was a teacher. Plus I am a secondary teacher. I don't teach cute kids. I teach charming and beautiful teenagers. I just wave back and smile while saying to my friend that maybe she mistook me with her teacher. Then she went inside her car which her mother drove while smiling and waving at me. She even pointed for her mother to me. I guess she said I'm her teacher. Huhu.... Funny girl.

On another event on 8 Nov, my family and I went to a restaurant. I just fly from Bintulu to KL. I am famished. Hu~ While talking to my family, suddenly a small hand handed me the menu. I quickly turn around and saw a cute boy. 3 to 4 years old I think. He was showing the menu. So I 'teach' him bout the picture in the menu and this little boy just follow everything that I said. Then he went away. After 5 to 10 minutes he came back and hand me the menu again. So I teach him again until a waiter took him away. Hahaha... I think its the owner's child. Such a good kid. Try to learn his family business.

Its weird when suddenly some child acknowledge when adults don't. But my stress went away. Its a good experience.

2. Good Soul
When I was in the flight from Bintulu to KL, I was a bit hungry plus sleepy. I did not buy the flight meal beforehand so I had to buy it in the flight. I browsed the menu and quickly take out RM20 note and went to sleep. Huhu... Sound ridiculous. FYI, I sit next to the window so there were a married Chinese couple next to me. Suddenly I felt like there was someone wakening me up. It was the Chinese lady beside me. She was smiling and gesturing towards the air stewardess. She knew I want to buy food because of the money I'm holding. Its funny but I felt really grateful at her. I just smile at her and buy the food. After we ate our food, we started talking. She was 42 but she looks young. Her husband and her are going for a holiday in KL while their children are away. I understand her. Its a good opportunity for them to be alone. :)
What I want to say is, she have a good soul and she notice me. Not everyone cared about their surrounding but she does. It makes me happy to meet this good soul. I hope I have one too. Amin.
Bless her and her family.

3. Camping
Our school had our camping last week. It was a blast and I learned a lot as a teacher. But what I want to share is bout mystery things that happen during the camping.

At one event, I was a DO (duty officer) with another female teacher. I was half asleep during that time due to the activities that had been conducted in the morning. I felt someone pull my left shoulder until I was half turn when I suddenly became aware of my surrounding. There was no one behind me and my partner was sound asleep. I don't feel scared but I am aware that it wasn't only me and my partner there so I quickly wake my partner up.I did not tell her until much later.

In another event, we did a roll-call to the female participants. After all the participants went to the assembly site, suddenly my partner told me that she heard the Adzhan. Adzhan is a recitation by a Muslim calling for others to pray. The weird thing was, it was 2.00 a.m. It was not a suitable time for the Adzhan and it came from the forest behind the female participant's camp site. I told her to not say anything and we just went to the assembly site. It was as if there was nothing happen.

I also heard from another teacher that her students heard my partner voice in the middle of the night. But when I think back, during that time we went back to our own home because it was other teacher's night duty. So... whose voice was it???? Huhu....

P/s: Well... That's all for now. If I have more stories to share. :) Salam.

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