30 November 2013

Where's my car????

Salam u olls~~

Hehu~~~ I am a bit flustered today. I was trying to find my car!

To make it short, today I went to a mall to eat Sushi with my lil bro. He was craving for it while I am also craving for some Mocha Frappucino~~~ *Starbuck! (This is not a promotion XD)

So, we went  there. After we ate and buy Mocha (yummy~~~~), and some games for my lil bro's PSP, we went to the parking lot. I remember the number on the wall... It was 150 something. But when I search for my car, I can't seem to find it. I think we search around and around at least 10 times when suddenly I remembered. I didn't park on that floor..... It was on another floor. Silly me. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu......

My lil bro seems exhausted. Sorry bro~~~~ :p

 Well, I hope I learned my lesson. Pay attention on your surrounding. Hihi...

Owh, another thing is that I hope you click this link:


I don't know either this thing will work or not. When you click it, I'll get extra $10. I have to wait until I got $300 then I can request for payment. 

In order to request it, I need to answer some survey. 

If you join in, you will have $25 ready in it. Then you need other people to click or visit your link. I mean website.

I am currently at $75. Still a long way to go.

I hope it works! If not, I will let you know.

Other than that, I am also selling a product call PhytoCell Double Stemcell. It is really good for the skin and also for your health. 

1 packet (14 sachet) = RM250.
2 packet( 28 sachet) = RM500

But, you will only have to pay RM270 to become a member and you will receive 2 packet of the product worth RM500.  So, after this, you can buy the product at member's price! If you are interested, please tell me.

P/s: Suddenly becoming a salesman. I mean saleswoman. Hehu~~~~
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