25 November 2013

Do not steal. Pay.

Salam u ollss~~

Today I want to talk about I/C (identification card). My lil brother had just turned 12 so our family went to JPN to get him his I/C~~ Pretty excited... Because I'm also changing my I/C.

Supposedly done when I'm 18 but only now I got a chance to renew it.... Hehu..... (excuse, excuse,excuse.....)

But I don't want to talk about the process. Its just that I want to talk about a person that my mum and I met while waiting for my father and my lil bro settled the card.

Its a women. Age 40+ if I'm not mistaken. She was asking my mum to help her fill in the form. She is illiterate. My mum did not have her glass on so she asked me to do it. I helped her fill in the form. It was not for her, she wanted to renew the birth certificate of her daughter who now stayed in Indonesia. She was a permanent resident here in Malaysia but her daughter is considered as a citizen.

I pitied her because she came alone without anyone accompanying her. She was not shy in asking for help and telling the truth about her being illiterate. I really respect her for that. At first glance she seemed timid but upon hearing her story about how her husband just went missing with another women and she had to take care of all her daughters by herself were remarkable.

Then we say our farewell and she seemed happy holding the new birth certificate. She wanted to bring her daughter to Malaysia and get her own I/C. I hope she is fine.

Even though it was brief, but it teaches me to be humble and do not judge by their appearance.

 Hm.... talking bout appearance.... Another story to tell.... Huhu

After my father and my lil bro finished, we went to a shopping complex. I went into a shop. It sell lot of things. After I had chosen a few things of my own, I went to the cashier but nobody was there so I waited a bit. While waiting, I saw a women. She was taking something from the shelves and put it in her plastic bag. She have two huge plastic bags.

I was shocked.

Did I witnessed someone stealing? Or was it just my eyes playing tricks at me. Then came the cashier. I decided to tell the cashier about the women. She was shocked. She repeatedly ask me what are the things that the women took. I told her that I did not know because it happen too fast and I hope she can keep an eye at her. While we are talking, the women still walked around in the shop. Alone.

Then the cashier told me that the shop was new so there were no CCTV installed yet and she will keep an eye on that lady. Then, I left the shop after paying for the things I buy.

I don't know what happen to them after that. The women who walk into the shop dressed nicely so it would be a shock to know she was stealing things from there. Hu~~~ Ottoke???

First time seeing something like that and I cannot believe how calm that women look. As if nothing happen. As if its normal to steal...

P/s: Woman? Women?
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