15 Mac 2013

Surprise... surprise....

Salam U ollssss~~~~


I'm back....

Right now I'm super busy with marking the exam papers.... 150 scripts times 2.... 300 scripts! Yikes!

Next week are the last week of school before holiday comes and greet us... I seriously need to spend time with my family and also shopping!

Shopping for my camping that is....

What camping??

Its actually "Perkhemahan KRS & Badan Uniform NGO Peringkat Negeri Sarawak" in Serian this coming April.

I am one of the "Jurulatih Pengiring". I hope I will do well... I mean us..... Hehu~~~

I need to shop becoz my shoes are hideously unwearable....

There are other things that are also needed but I don't think I had to blab it all here rite....?

That's all. Need to go back to marking mood...

Bye u ollss.... ^_^

P/s: Miss my family so much!
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