04 September 2012

When the husband hits his wife...... T.T

Hi u ollss~~~~

Okay, the title seems out of league rite. Not the usual stuff that I would post on my blog. But I can't take it anymore.

WHY??? Its started like this...

I was enjoying myself watching korean reality show WGM (we got married) when I stumble upon a video.... check it here 

I felt curious so I watch it and I'm shocked to see such thing happened in our own country.. (Yup, I always heard about woman abuse, child abuse etc... but not with my own eyes).

In the video, we can see a husband and a wife fighting. Physically that is. Please bear in mind that the wife is 2 months old pregnant. I can see a lot of comments on that video but what is shocking is that some of them defended the husband!!

If you defend the wife, I get it. But husband??????? 

Is it because the husband try to sooth the wife at the end of the video???  

Thats why you defend the husband???? 

This means you haven't seen the 2nd part of the video. The first part is around 5 pm. But the 2nd video is around 6pm....

And I really.... really.... really..... HATE how the husband abuse his wife on the 2nd part of the video. 

You want to see the video?

On youtube its already deleted due to the violence in it but you can see it through the wife's 
 FB: http://www.facebook.com/foxyfong

P/s: The fight happened on 23 August 2012.... about 2 weeks ago....  and Amanda, please be strong... I support you... with many others.... Fighting!!!

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