24 September 2012

Warning!! Don't wink at a baby while eating ice-cream......!

Salam u olls.... :p

I think its been a long time since I wrote on this blog....

So, when u look at the title.... what can you think of??

Well, actually its about me wandering around at a shopping complex after I've had my meeting at a nearby school.

I already told you that I like ice-cream so much. Hence, I went to buy it in the shopping complex. Then, I sat in front of a fast food restaurant there.

And then I saw him.

The most beautiful and cuteeeeeee baby boy facing me on the opposite site of the sitting area on that
fast food restaurant.

He just stared at me... looking at me.... while I ate my delicious and sweet~~~~ ice-cream with his so cute and beautiful eyes....

I can't resist it.

I wink at him while eating my ice-cream.

Suddenly, a bomb went off!

That baby boy start throwing tantrum while pointing at me. I can only understand the word ice-cream cause most of his language are either ice-cream, baby talk and a little bit of Mandarin.

I was shocked. I look at his mother and gave an apologetic smile.

I know that baby want my ice-cream... yes you do... but its mine! Huhuhuhuhu...

I quickly finished eating my ice-cream and walk away.


P/s: Think before you wink. Hehe....
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