15 September 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Salam u olls.....

What? Who's birthday???  Its my beloved daddy~~~~ Ngeee~~~ (n_n)

Ayah, I love you so much!! Sayang ayah sangat2..... Mak jangan lah jeles ek.... It's papa's birthday~~~

I know everybody loves their father because of many reasons, and so am I.... My reasons???

1. He makes me feel secured.When I'm down with heavy fever, he carry me to the clinic and I know I'm pretty heavy.... Huhu

2. He had done his best in making sure that his family have everything they need. Example? Our mobile phone (that he buys) are always more expensive than his. Sometimes, he only have little rest and sometimes I wish he could rest more.

3. He gave the best advice I'll ever had every time I needed it.

4. He give more to his family then to himself. My own generous man.

5. He guide me and shape me to who I am today. He makes me loves books, knowledge, language. I remember it very well, I'm holding my father's hand together with my brother while we enter the general library. I think I'm only 7 or 8 years old. He goes and make our own library card and told us to pick any book we would like to read. When I'm only 3@4 years old, he make me sit on his lap and he read his English book (I don't know what kind of book, but its pretty thick and mind you, our first language is Bahasa Melayu).

6. He's the best cook! Ayah, your fish curry is out of this world! Sedap gilerr.... Huhuhu..... When my mum were not feeling well, he will do the chores without any questions.

7. He always try to improve himself. He started working after his SPM and now he already have his Master's degree. I'm the proudest daughter in the world. I know its not easy to study after someone had started working.

8. He's my mum's bestfriend. How can I ask for more??? They are the cutest couple I've ever know. When they are happy, I'm happier than them. He is also the humblest man I ever known.

9. Always remind me to perfom solat. Send us to sekolah agama, kelas mengaji.... supaya hati ini sentiasa terisi dgn makanan rohani....

10. He loves me and all my brothers so much. He don't have to show it but we knows. Kami tahu ayah sayang sangat kat kami dan kami sayang ayah SANGAT2!

Ehem... contoh yang diberi ni tak sampai 1% dari apa yang ayah dah lakukan serta korbankan untuk kami...

Thank you ayah for all the love that you've showered us with. Your love is like trillion stars in the dark universe. UNCOUNTABLE....

Ya ALLAH, Ya Tuhanku,
Please protect my dear mother and father from any hardship. Please put them in a place worthy of the loves that they had showered us with. Panjangkan lah umur mereka supaya anak ini dapat berbakti kepada mereka sebaik yang mungkin. One more thing, thank you ALLAH for giving me a pair of light which had guide me to who I am today. Amin.

P/s: I love you ayah. I love you mak. :P

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