16 September 2012

Menara Rufus

Salam u olls~~~

Actually, from the title above, in English was called as Rufus Tower....

I've watch a YouTube vid on cats....


I miss my cat, Bobo~~

But I can never see him again.

He died.

I regretted for not taking him with me when I follow my parents to KL. He never left my side when I live in my grandparent's village for more than 1 year but... I left him. He always greeted me at the door when I come back from the kindergarten.... He must be really heartbroken. That's why he died. I'm 7 years old that time... and I cried like crazy.

It teached me a lot. If you give hope to someone, or something, or to some animal, make sure you did your responsibilities. Don't abandon them. It's not right...

So, back to the topic, a Rufus Tower.

Its about a cat named Rufus who had been tortured by his owner. Opps.... I think its not tortured. Its more to love of the owner towards his cat.

The cat had ear infection so the owner have to give painful ear drops to his cat that when the ears are okay, the cat resent him. When he went back after work, the cat would run away.

Huhu. So, the owner try to fix it by giving the cat its own tower. You can check it here....


Its so sweet. Maybe some of you think he wasted money to do the tower but for me, money is worthless to be kept in banks unless you do something meaningful with it. So, enjoy~~~~~

P/s: Bobo, do you miss me???
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