27 Jun 2011

My heart goes to you my dear~

Dear diary, I'm feeling a little bit sad. 


Because I've had a contact with a student of mine when I had my practical last year in Melacca. He'll be in form 5 this year. I tought him Physics. 

He was the one who comment me first at my wall in FB. He sound happy (as always) in the Facebook and then today, he tell me that his father passed away last month 18 May 2011.......

My eyes are wet with tears. I know him well. One of the students who always attract me with his foolish act.
Even I have had a dream where my father suddenly passed away and it broke me to pieces... even though it is just a dream.

And now my student have to face the same thing but in reality....:(

I don't know what else to say except 'my heart goes to you my dear~'

I hope you face this SPM with new desire and as a token of gratefulness for your dear father who loves you all his life. 

I'll always pray for you even though I'm far from you.. because once you had become my student, you will always be my dear student. 

Be brave and remember to cherish all those around you.

P/s: Marilah kita sama-sama membaca surah Al-Fatihah untuk ayah pelajar ku itu. Al-Fatihah! :(

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