19 Oktober 2010

Filling all da gaps~

Hi there... Lama kan3 x update inih log... so here a little update from me... ;p

1. Keje kat fast food dah 2 bulan lebih.
2. Ragam customer macam2... sometimes I laugh sometimes it pissed me off... and sometimes makes me feel thankful with all I have.
3. Ragam workmate macam2... ada yang baek, yang laser pon ader.... tahan lah wahai telinga. Ko x wat salah pape pon ngan diorang neyh.
4. Convo! me? Already done it. Happy~~~ Date of convo? 11/10/10
 me? upper row. third from left... hugging~~~~ hee

 like this pict a lot... ;p
5. Finally... first time I reach Genting Highland... I'm 23 and this is da first time I went there. How pathetic but done it... ;p
 (gambar kat dlm enset. kemudian yep)
6. I am MC ing for 5 days right now. Why? Hurt my knee and its swollen. Maybe for standing for 8 to 11 hours a day. Babe (knee), u need a rest.
7. Then, I need to go to physiotherapy... ades... why... why me???
8. Already confess to someone.. 1st time in my life but rejected but... I'm glad... :)
9. Thinking of quitting... worried about my knee... wu~~

so... that's all for now... (n_n)
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