19 Ogos 2015

Middle of August

Salam u ollssss

I am much better now. Alhamdulillah. I had bought a new phone because the old one had problem shutting down.

I bought xperia Z2. Its very fast and I like it a lot.


Life are quite simple this day. Mostly focusing on teaching my students. Maybe one or two weird occasion caused by students are fine by me. Teenagers are weird creature in nature. Its a process of learning, right?

My father are getting retired next year and our home in N9 are already finished remodeled. I really hope I can get transferred by the end of this year because I really wanted to live with my parent at least a year because I wanted to experience having my parents around me when I am coming back from work. I hope it will be granted by Allah. Amin.


My pet cats are now 10! 10 cats. In 1 year time! Lala need to slow down and really need to be neutered.  Was that the correct word? Or was it spayed?? Lol 😂

Just now I had watched a video sent by my colleague. It was one of my student. He was teaching physics to the other students during night class. I am impressed. I hope this coming trial he will prevail. Amin.

I am not a student but every time my students are going to face the major exams in their life, I am the one who became agitated. All of them seems very laid back. Ish3...

I wish them all their best for this coming trial. Aminnnn.


P/s: Missing home a lot more these days.

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